multilingual e-cards and calendars services
September 2009
Trevi Media developed the first in history of internet Virtual Trade Center to commemorate the one we lost on 9/11 in New York. In honor and in a memory of so many citizens of different countries, who lost their lives we develop first in internet history multilingual interactive greeting e-cards. With help of virtual key board, people can create their messages or greetings in any language know today on planet Earth - English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and etc. Please visit us at
multilingual e-cards and calendars services
August 2009
Trevi commercially deployed first on internet multilingual e-cards and calendars services
Washington Post ranking
July 2009
Completed integration, testing and commercial deployment of the first on internet Virtual Trade Center
Washington Post ranking
April 2009
Completed commercial testing of Trevi Art Gallery section of Virtual Trade Center introducing collection of paintings' images stored at Tretyakov Gallery
Washington Post ranking
March 2009
Completed commercial testing of Trevi Armory section of Virtual Trade Center introducing products of exclusive purveyor of decorated armory and interior to Moscow Kremlin
Washington Post ranking
February 2009
Completed commercial testing of jewelry section of Virtual Trade Center introducing products of original Faberge factory
Washington Post ranking
January 1, 2009
Developed by Trevi Soft, Trevi Web and Trevi Studio web site recognized by Washington Post and ranked #1 by Google and #3 by MSN
security methodology - second version
December 2008
Second version of security methodology successfully tested and integrated with Virtual Trade Center
security methodology - first commercial version
November 2008
First commercial version of security methodology developed, integrated and deployed with Virtual Trade Center
e-cards designer software
September 2008
Trevi launched fully integrated e-cards designer SW
fully integrated Virtual Trade Center
August 2008
Trevi launched first version of fully integrated Virtual Trade Center
security methodology
May 2008
Architecture and Prototype of security methodology for Virtual Trade Center successfully tested
Enterprise Content Management System
February 17, 2008
Trevi Soft announced availability of a new and improved version of Content Management System — CMS version 2.0

Technology and Consulting Services —
Architecture to Change the World
Our team of leading-edge
technology experts, now available
for specific applications development
and consulting engagements
System-wide expertise of core business
to support applications
and service delivery and deployment
Robust consulting methodology
with a proven approach
for generating clear strategies
and business benefits:
– Rapid Revenue Growth
and Improved Profit Margins
Expertise to explore potential impact
of cost-effectiveness of emerging technologies
Powerful service to create networks,
assuring high availability
and fault tolerance
External and independent viewpoints
Leader in Complex,
e-Business solutions
Enterprise Suite Seamlessly Expanding
Conventional Business to the Internet
Securing Development of Repeat Business
by Focusing on the needs
of Your Customers
Technology to meet challenges of the 21st
Century Global Economic Paradigm
Flexible, Scalable and Broadly Functional
Architecture Translating into
Highly Modular System
Running on Commodity Hardware
Flexible Distributed Architecture
Enables Ease of Scaling,
both Large and Small, to Accommodate
the Broad Range of System Configurations
Secures Long Term
Sustainable Capital Investment
Improved Revenue Stream and
Profit Margins through Accelerated
Deployment of New Services