Content management system (or Illinois CMS)

Content management system (or Illinois CMS) Trevi CMS site has many necessary and sufficient options to manage the various types of sites:

  • Trevi's CMS allows you to create, delete, and organize a site pages;
  • Trevi's CMS automatically creates easy navigation (links, the various menus, site map, lists of pages, navigation, etc.);
  • Trevi's CMS operates sections of different types (articles, news groups, forums, message boards, e-mail forms, polls, voting, etc.);
  • Trevi's CMS helps to manage pages of a site in blocks of different types of content (text, image, list, table, etc.).

Trevi's CMS has a modular structure that allows maximum flexibility in the use of its capabilities. According to the comparative results of tests carried out by our specialists in Chicago (Illinois), CMS shown results in 5-10 times exceeding productivity of others.

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