Trevi Enterprise Suite key differentiators

  • Designed for Today's Connected World — Enterprise Suite is a desktop application that uses the latest web services technology to securely connect to data over the internet. With no HTML, JavaScript or images to download, Enterprise Suite is the first SW integrated solution to offer LAN comparable performance over the internet.
  • Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) e-Commerce Ready — Going online has never been easier with a single point of data controlling both your website and back office operations. Pricing and other business rules work identically in both the e-Commerce website and back office application.
  • Real Time Data — With our new technology you can run your entire company from your local server or web server. With your website and backend operations running from the same server your entire business can run in real time without compromise.
  • Connected Business Platform (CBP) — Trevi Enterprise Suite was developed on the Connected Business Platform. This allows it to be easily customized and extended via third party CBP plug-in applications. Never again your business will be locked into inflexible environment of a legacy application that can not be modified to meet demands and dynamics of constantly changing business paradigm.

«With only one application to learn, use and maintain, users will have more time to focus on their core competencies and the needs of their business and not the needs of their system.»

Business to Consumer (B2C) e-Commerce

Trevi Enterprise Suite goes beyond e-Commerce by giving you true e-Business capabilities that can power both, the company's web store and back office operations in one fully integrated application.

e-Commerce applications are web centric and are designed to manage your web store only. On a contrary, developed by Trevi e-Business solution - Enterprise Suite is designed to address management and control needs of your entire organization. By utilizing single point of access for data and business rules, Enterprise Suite eliminates the need to import and export data between multiple applications because information entered into the system is accessible throughout your entire organization.

Our e-Business solution - Enterprise Suite, completely eliminates counterproductive and costly separation between your web store and the rest of your company. Now you are liberated to focus on your core competence - fulfilling your customers' needs and revenue growth.

Technology and Consulting Services —
Architecture to Change the World
Our team of leading-edge
technology experts, now available
for specific applications development
and consulting engagements
System-wide expertise of core business
to support applications
and service delivery and deployment
Robust consulting methodology
with a proven approach
for generating clear strategies
and business benefits:
– Rapid Revenue Growth
and Improved Profit Margins
Expertise to explore potential impact
of cost-effectiveness of emerging technologies
Powerful service to create networks,
assuring high availability
and fault tolerance
External and independent viewpoints
Leader in Complex,
e-Business solutions
Enterprise Suite Seamlessly Expanding
Conventional Business to the Internet
Securing Development of Repeat Business
by Focusing on the needs
of Your Customers
Technology to meet challenges of the 21st
Century Global Economic Paradigm
Flexible, Scalable and Broadly Functional
Architecture Translating into
Highly Modular System
Running on Commodity Hardware
Flexible Distributed Architecture
Enables Ease of Scaling,
both Large and Small, to Accommodate
the Broad Range of System Configurations
Secures Long Term
Sustainable Capital Investment
Improved Revenue Stream and
Profit Margins through Accelerated
Deployment of New Services