Our Approach - A Single Set of Business Logic Unifies the Company

With Enterprise Suite there is only one system to setup and maintain. All data, whether entered from the website or back office system is instantly available throughout the entire application completely eliminating the need to move data from system to system. The benefits to this approach are real and substantial. All customer and inventory options setup in the back office work exactly the same whether a transaction is entered on the web or on the back end unifying your entire organization.

The right approach: With only one system running both the back office and the web, everything works together effortlessly. As customers place their orders online, the orders are instantly available within the system's back end for processing or customer service inquiries; when inventory information is updated on the back end, it is instantly updated on the web for accurate stock availability. The result is complete customer satisfaction which turns into more sales and repeat business.

Single Database - lowered maintenance and increased efficiency

Simply put, Enterprise Suite has only one database so there's no need to upload/download and import/export data to and from servers. The screen shot on the left is the database accessed from the web page while the screen shot to the right is the database accessed from the back end.

enterprise suite

Most executives would agree that business trends and competitive analysis are detrimental components influencing business success and effectiveness of organization performance. This analysis aids organizations in making timely decisions about their activities and structure. Trend analytics consists of political, economical, social, technological and demographic analysis.

Forces that determine the organizations level of competition within a particular market. There are six forces defining organizations' level of competition within a particular market that have to be taken into consideration: power of the competition, threat of new entrants, bargaining power of buyers and suppliers, threat of substitute products and the importance of complementary products and services. The process of collecting and analyzing this information establishes decision making platform based on controlled data and enable businesses to achieve and maintain sustainable competitive advantage.

Enterprise Suite includes a number of customizable business intelligence tools — dashboards that graphically summarize statistical data, thus enabling quick, easy and accurate analyses of business environment and supporting informed decision making as ever before.

Technology and Consulting Services —
Architecture to Change the World
Our team of leading-edge
technology experts, now available
for specific applications development
and consulting engagements
System-wide expertise of core business
to support applications
and service delivery and deployment
Robust consulting methodology
with a proven approach
for generating clear strategies
and business benefits:
– Rapid Revenue Growth
and Improved Profit Margins
Expertise to explore potential impact
of cost-effectiveness of emerging technologies
Powerful service to create networks,
assuring high availability
and fault tolerance
External and independent viewpoints
Leader in Complex,
e-Business solutions
Enterprise Suite Seamlessly Expanding
Conventional Business to the Internet
Securing Development of Repeat Business
by Focusing on the needs
of Your Customers
Technology to meet challenges of the 21st
Century Global Economic Paradigm
Flexible, Scalable and Broadly Functional
Architecture Translating into
Highly Modular System
Running on Commodity Hardware
Flexible Distributed Architecture
Enables Ease of Scaling,
both Large and Small, to Accommodate
the Broad Range of System Configurations
Secures Long Term
Sustainable Capital Investment
Improved Revenue Stream and
Profit Margins through Accelerated
Deployment of New Services