About TreviSoft

Trevi Soft, Inc., the leader in emerging technologies development, provider of integrated e-business and e-commerce solutions, web sites design is headquartered in the land of Lincoln and Obama - the glorious state of Illinois, serving Chicago business community.


  • Leadership and expertise in all information technologies
  • Proven track record of industry innovations
  • Extensive, proven project experience
  • Unsurpassed end-to-end solutions
  • Positioned to help you de-risk business decisions
  • Business Consultancy Service
  • Integrated Business Solutions
    • Single set of Business logic unifies the company
  • Business to Consumer Solutions (B2C)
    • Integrated shopping cart solution for internet, web site and back office
    • Single data base reduces maintenance cost and improves business efficiency
  • Business to Business Solutions (B2B)
  • e-Commerce Ready solutions

Trevi is a business strategy firm focusing on technology utilization to enhance enterprise performance. We approach each consultancy engagement and initiative as a unique challenge requiring creativity to reach optimally efficient and effective solution. For many years we provided business consulting services to 500 fortune companies around the world.

  • First National Bank of Chicago
  • Northern Trust Bank
  • LaSalle Bank
  • Material Services
  • Shark, Inc.
  • Chicago Board of Trade
  • Kraft Food Services
  • Midwest Stock Exchange
  • Harris Bank
  • May Company
  • Federal Express
  • Chicago Public Library
  • KDDI
  • Sprint PCS
  • Nokia
  • Tandem Computers

Trevi Soft, Inc. founders hold the following patents

  • Medical Care Services System and Method
  • Transaction Processing Telecommunications System
  • Comfort Suite – Intelligent Patient Bed
  • Wire line to Wireless Converter
  • Integrated Solution for Trade Center

Technology and Consulting Services —
Architecture to Change the World
Our team of leading-edge
technology experts, now available
for specific applications development
and consulting engagements
System-wide expertise of core business
to support applications
and service delivery and deployment
Robust consulting methodology
with a proven approach
for generating clear strategies
and business benefits:
– Rapid Revenue Growth
and Improved Profit Margins
Expertise to explore potential impact
of cost-effectiveness of emerging technologies
Powerful service to create networks,
assuring high availability
and fault tolerance
External and independent viewpoints
Leader in Complex,
e-Business solutions
Enterprise Suite Seamlessly Expanding
Conventional Business to the Internet
Securing Development of Repeat Business
by Focusing on the needs
of Your Customers
Technology to meet challenges of the 21st
Century Global Economic Paradigm
Flexible, Scalable and Broadly Functional
Architecture Translating into
Highly Modular System
Running on Commodity Hardware
Flexible Distributed Architecture
Enables Ease of Scaling,
both Large and Small, to Accommodate
the Broad Range of System Configurations
Secures Long Term
Sustainable Capital Investment
Improved Revenue Stream and
Profit Margins through Accelerated
Deployment of New Services